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emerald_psion's Journal

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This is a character in the role-playing community _theforsaken_


01) Character's Names:
_[Real name unknown]
_“Emerald Psion”
_“Emerald Wave”

02) Race/Species:
_Vampyric Psion

03) Gender:

04) Character Age:
_93 years old (appears to be 25 years old)

05) Physical Description:
_Medium build
_170 lbs.
_Dark green eyes
_Long, straight, dark green hair (appears to be black)

06) Distinguishing Marks:
_A small X-shaped scar under his left eye
_A large Emerald Dragon tattoo on his back

07) Personal Information:
_Has no recollection of his past. [His parents and
_closest friends were killed by vampires for their
_psychic abilities. He was a successful vampire
_hunter, but was ambushed by a powerful vampire
_he was pursuing. He was sired and left to die
_in a dark alley before dawn. He has come to
_Tainuit from the island of Rai.]

08) Personality:
_He is usually deep in thought and solitary.
_He is quick to action, but not to anger.

09) Weakness:
_Requires the ingestion of human blood or human blood substitute.
_Cannot withstand sunlight-to-skin contact for very long.
_Susceptible to other psychic beings or powers.
_Decent-but-weak body strength (relies heavily on
_psychic abilities).

10) Magical Abilities:
_Very specialized in energy-projectile attacks (and in other forms of energy-used attacks).
_Specialized in telekinetic abilities (the moving of objects, people, self, etc.)
_Mind-reading and mind-controlling powers over weak minded beings, only.
_Able to heal more quickly when meditating or sleeping.

11) Number and Description of Weaponry and Training:
_Usually relies on psychic powers.
_Has a light-weight carbon staff (a green gem is
_lodged within the staff on either end), and
_carries a set of twin dragon short blades (also a
_green gem lodged within each blade’s handle).

_Note: The gems serve as conductors for Wave’s
_psychic powers, enabling a more powerful usage of
_his weapons. (A greenish aura can be seen around
_the weapons when equipped for battle.)

12) Special Skills:
_(See Magical Abilities and Weapons)

13) Character’s Career:
_Former Vampire Hunter

14) Preferred Prey:
_Humans & Vampires