Wave (emerald_psion) wrote,

During a dream . . .

A lamp, hanging from an unsee-able ceiling, provided light in a room engulfed in darkness. Wave sat cross-legged under the light, meditating. A green aura enveloped him as he did. He knew that within the circle of light, he was safe, but he also knew there was something lurking in the darkness around him.

"So, you managed to control yourself. Impressive." The hissing voice came from the darkness, but it could have come from any direction. It sounded disappointed, yet congratulatory. "But you cannot refrain from it for long. No. You are a vampire now. You must drink from the blood of others. If you do not give in, your body will."

Wave continued to meditate, and spoke words of anger in a calm voice. "Damn you and your kind. Why did you not kill me when you had the chance? Is this some kind of revenge you have placed upon me? A curse?"

"You have killed many of my kind, and yes--some were even beloved. But I did not wish to give you eternal life--no, I wished to give you death. You were a formidable foe with your powers, but no match for my experience and strength. I was too weak to finish you off, and it was unfortunate that I felt the presence of someone powerful nearby. Otherwise, you would not be so fortunate as to converse with me now."

"Show yourself, if you are brave enough to." Wave opened his eyes for anything to be seen. Out of the darkness, he could see a bleak face on the edge of the light. He showed no signs of it, but was half-shocked and disappointed.

"Is this what you hoped to see?" The voice came from the face he saw, realizing it was his own image. "I will not reveal my appearance willingly--that would be foolish."

"But if you are here, in my mind, I can find out who you are. Ah!" The aura around Wave raged as he gave a piercing glare into the eyes of his copied image. "I shall find out who you are now!" The copied image hollered and writhed, but jumped back into the darkness.

"It seems I cannot safely stay here" it hissed. Wave could feel its presence disappear.

"I will find out the identity of you soon enough, vampire." As he said 'vampire,' he felt his stomach tie itself in a knot, remembering what he had become. "I hope I have not injured the demon-woman badly. I fear she may decide to rid of me after attacking her. She had such strong eyes. They look so familiar, but why?"
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